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Walk Local Talk Local is a public artwork consisting of a series of temporary audio trails that celebrate Redbridge’s high streets through conversations had with local people. Jan Kattein Architects have recorded informal conversations with locals and clippings from these have been translated into anonymous anecdotal podcasts. They are accessible as a digital audio experience, combined with physical QR code plaques which allow listeners to reveal each story whilst walking the trails. Together, the combination of a rich audio archive and a sequence of gateways reveals stories about the area's hidden history.

Each trail explores the deeply individual memories embedded in these streets, yet captures some of the energy and imagination that we can all reflect on and find connection with. A sense of belonging is intrinsically linked to the stories that people associate with the place where they live. High streets are full of stories of growing up and meeting family, stories of a first job, stories of making friends, and of experiencing the physical transformation of the city. Walk Local Talk Local reconnects people with Redbridge's high streets after two years of unprecedented disruption through narratives that are set in the past, present, and future.


If you are interested in contributing a story about your experiences and memories of being in any or all the areas on the trails ( Woodford, South Woodford, Wanstead, Hainault, Barkingside, Gants Hill, Chadwell Heath, and Ilford) we want to add it to the trail. Please get in touch with Felicity by email ( or call her on 07943060481.  


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The content of these stories reveal personal experiences, memories and aspirations, as such they are subjective, opinionated, and/or perceptual. The content of these stories does not represent London Borough of Redbridge opinion or policy, nor that of JKA, HM Government, or the ERDF.  

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